but we forgot to try

by passivelephants

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released August 30, 2016

All songs written Micko and Dave.



all rights reserved


passivelephants Ireland

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Track Name: Soft
It’s hard to deceive
I don’t do this well
Something for me
Learn to trust myself

But these hands are soft now
They can’t hold the wait
You’ve been so long lost how
Is anything you see straight?

Old friend
Everyone’s leaving
And you’ve said
You stayed just for me
It isn’t my bed
In which you’ve been sleeping
And your head
Is sick you need healed

Oh but it’s gone
I wanna say
I’m moving on
You should do the same

We’re all betrayed
Track Name: Compatible
Listen up
I found your weaknesses
And I can exploit them if we’re kicking off tonight

We combine
And tear our minds apart
Til the pieces fall like glass in black and white

I'll be screaming your name at the top of my lungs
While I’m giving as good as you give

Are you happy?
In this fucked up mess that we’re living in
Watch the curtain fall
One last time.

It just ends
As fast as it started up
And the anger collides taking us in flight

You’ll be screaming my name from the top of your lungs
While I’m giving as good as you give

Are you happy?
In this fucked up mess that we’re living in
Let’s watch the curtain fall
One last time.

Do you know me?
I’m the one you were head over heels with
But we’re different now
Different now.
Track Name: Redesign
Logic is fine
But the heart isn’t logical
You can define
All parameters I can still
Redesign the state of play

You spend your time
Like a cat on a windowsill
Craving sunlight
Listening to dust dance until
You decide what you hear it say

And I suppose dust should be listened to
Everything has a story to tell
Just don’t forget when you’re listening
I’ll be listening out for you as well